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Support Mexican Indigenous Tribes and Artisans

The Ondalinda Foundation raises funds and awareness for indigenous tribes from throughout México in an effort to preserve their vibrant culture and help them to achieve sustainability on a long-term basis.

$2,200 raised

$10,000 goal

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We fundraising to save our planet's cultural richness.

The Ondalinda Foundation is a non-profit project under the umbrella of the Many Hats Institute, a registered 501C-3.

We help indigenous communities from throughout México to preserve their cultural heritage, cultivating a new generation of interdisciplinary artists. The proceeds from your donations will go directly to the Huichol people, the Purépecha communities, the artisans of Oaxaca, as well as several other indigenous tribes and artisans from throughout México.

The proceeds generated have enabled these communities to invest in basic infrastructure and resources, educating and raising awareness for their causes, and ultimately, helping them to achieve sustainability on a long-term basis.

Over the past years, thanks to your generous donations, we were able to allocate funds to directly support these peoples and their craftsmanship. Some examples of the allocation of funds includes purchasing a vehicle for the Huichol community so that they are able to access a market to sell their crafts. We were also to purchase supplies, including beads, to help them to continue crafting their goods. Additionally, we were able to support the works on infrastructure of the Purépecha community of Cheran.

We have a lot more to do to help these beautiful communities become more auto-sustainable, allowing them to preserve their ancestral knowledge as well as help them with basic infrastructure to better their daily lives.

We thank you for your donations, every amount helps and we will keep you informed with how the funds are used. You may also request a 501-C3 letter of confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

Thank you !

Lulu Luchaire